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Mural by Eugene O’Neill

The Push of a Button, by Eugene O’Neill is a collaboration between the Arts Center of the Capital Region and the YWCA of Troy, which owns a historic building in Troy on which the mural is installed.

LOCATION: The rear of the YCWA Building, which is at 21 First Street, HISTORIC DOWNTOWN TROY, NY.


Mural by Eugene O’Neill

The project uses a series of symbols with the following meanings:


Orange Barrier

In YWCA brand color, Persimmon, a visual reminder to respect the space as the home of the women and children YWCA-GCR serves.


Know that if you’re seeking support and need help, YWCA-GCR is here with love “at the push of a button.” Whatever we put love into will shine bright like the sun. Set foot in the door and we got you.


Bottom Left Hand

Vibrant, full of life yet shapes are jagged and broken. It’s about picking up the pieces and persevering through tough times.

Top, Right Hand

 The Goddess offering a hand. Divine, feminine, caring, intuitive, nurturing. The colorful palette of skin tones connect together in a grid; uniform and balanced, embodied within all of us. Hues reflecting the LGBTQ colorway to reinforce inclusivity and acceptance for those in need.


The imagery is in reference to the notable “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, reclaimed for women as the true creators of life. Representing the divinity and power that comes from generations of women caring for, supporting, and empowering women.

Origami Doves

What is an origami dove? Fragile, intricate, complex, with lots of nuance, made from writing paper. Filled with intentions, hopes, prayers. Crumple the paper and throw those dreams into the trash, or hold onto them and wish they reach their destination unharmed. These origami birds are flying toward the goddess’ hand with hope for healing and community.


Charm Bracelet

Made of Hematite, a stone of grounding and balance used to connect back with one’s own body. It can absorb and transmute negative energy, and can assist in seeing the positive side of situations.


Black Lives Matter, period.



Symbol of transformation and change. They are watchful creatures that have a sharp and powerful foresight. Tap into the potent power of this bird to transform the bad into foresight or something useful. Metallic and structurally sound in contrast to paper doves.

Text on door

Residents were asked “How would you describe YWCA-GCR for those who don’t know what happens here?” Some of those words are directly represented here.



A symbol of manifestation pointing to the words on the door of the building.


Eugene O’Neill

Eugene O’Neill is an artist of many hats with a spirit motivated to utilize art as a source of healing for others. He works alongside passionate creatives of the Capital Region to establish mural opportunities that are accessible for youth of color and emerging artists. The mural “At the push of a button” was made with the intention to help you find grace in a world that is grieving; it invites you to reach your hand out when needed, because you’re deserving even when you feel detached.

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