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1 Year of Membership

Become a Member today and receive instant access to Membership benefits. 

As a Member, you’ll get discounts on classes and events, the opportunity to participate in our members-only Fence Exhibition, and access to exclusive Members-only Master Classes.

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The Arts Center of the Capital Region is a cornerstone institution for fostering artistic expression and engagement thanks to a bedrock of support from our members. If you share a desire to see our organizational mission fulfilled, the Arts Center invites you to become an active participant in our vibrant cultural landscape through membership.

Membership is not merely a transaction, it is an investment in our shared vision and passion for the arts, embodying a deep commitment to our three primary goals:

  • Nurturing Creative Pursuits: Providing a platform for students to explore and nurture their artistic talents through a diverse array of classes, workshops, and educational opportunities.
  • Supporting Artistic Communities: Serving as a vital regrant partner for New York State, funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to local artists and art organizations, fostering a thriving creative ecosystems.
  • Enriching Public Spaces: Spearheading the Capital Region’s largest and most transformative public art program, enriching public spaces and enhancing our vibrant community through artistic expression.

While the intrinsic value of supporting the arts is undeniable, membership also offers tangible benefits. Exclusive perks for members include discounts on classes and events, participation in the members-only Fence exhibition, and access to members-only master classes.

Membership at the Arts Center is tiered to accommodate individuals across a broad spectrum of financial means, including discounted rates for students, seniors, and family memberships. For those seeking to make a deeper investment in the local arts community, the Arts Center offers Inner Circle Membership, providing additional benefits such as exclusive events and contributing at a level to keep our galleries free for all visitors and allowing us to continue offering free and low-cost children’s programming.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, an enthusiast, or simply someone who believes in the power of the creative arts, becoming a member or gifting a membership is a meaningful way to contribute to the local art scene. Together, we can ensure that creative opportunities are accessible to all.

Join the Arts Center of the Capital Region in our mission to foster creativity, community, and cultural enrichment by becoming a member today.

This season, MEMBERS of The Arts Center are eligible for 10% off select courses!

If you aren’t a Member yet, you can claim the membership discount by signing up today!

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